Loop Block

Loop Block - Overview - 

The Loop block is a container that can hold a sequence of programming blocks. It will make the sequence of blocks inside it repeat.
You can choose to repeat the blocks forever, a certain number of times, or until a sensor test or other condition is True.
Use the Mode Selector to control how the loop will repeat. The different modes specify what condition will make the loop end. For example, you can make the loop repeat a certain number of times, repeat until a sensor data value reaches a certain threshold, or repeat forever. The Inputs available will change depending on the mode. The modes are described below.
You can enter a name for the loop in the Loop Name field on the top of the Loop block. This name is used by the Loop Interrupt block to give you another way to end the loop.
Blocks inside the loop can use the Loop Index output to tell how many times the loop has repeated.
*Drag blocks to move them inside a loop. The Loop block will expand to make room for the blocks inside.

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